New Jersey Camden CAMcare Health Odessa Paulk-Jones Office

CAMcare Health Odessa Paulk-Jones Office

813 Ferry Avenue
Camden, NJ - 8104


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About CAMcare Health Odessa Paulk-Jones Office

CAMcare's Basic Dental Services Include the Following:
Routine Checkups from Age 1
Prophylaxis (Cleaning of Teeth)
Fluoride Treatments
Preventive Care
Diagnosis, Treatment, Planning and X-rays
Root Canal Therapy
Oral Surgery, Removal of Decayed and Impacted Teeth
Treatment of Gum Diseases
Replacement of Missing Teeth
Restorations, Fillings and Bonding

At CAMcare your health care comes first, regardless of your ability to pay! No one is denied care based on their inability to pay. If you are uninsured or unemployed, CAMcare offers medical care at discounted rates, based on eligibility.

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